Lisa Marie Potter — based in the bay area

​​​Lisa Marie Potter science writer 

Cover and Background photos: Lisa Marie Potter 

​​Photo: Sergio Albarrán Rodríguez 

In high school, my view of science was covered by a paper bag and published by McGraw-Hill. I couldn’t see the forest for the boring text about the trees. Instead, the ocean taught me to marvel at nature. I watched the horizon bend into swells, saw fog layers come and go, and splashed in fluorescent green water during red tides. The ocean put it in terms I understood: Dude, science is rad!

While studying Earth science in college, I was fascinated by the interconnection between the atmosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. I was also struck that people feel a disconnect between humans and the natural world, as if we live in an isolated anthrosphere.

By telling stories that weave together humans and nature, I hope to encourage us to reconnect—in terms everyone can understand.